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free educational software DVD


Q. How do I print and save the certificates or any other screens in your online learning games?

A. To print anything just press the Print Screen button (PrtSc) on your keyboard and then paste the picture into a paint program. Then crop the picture to the area you want and save it or print it. Watch the video tutorial below.

Q. What's the difference between the members area and non members area of your online learning section?

A. Quite simply the members area is completely advert free giving a much less cluttered experience.

Q. Are you online programmes suitable for special needs?

A. Yes, all our software is particularly helpful for those with special needs such as ADD, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders etc. If your child is receiving extra help, for example speech therapy, these applications can also be of great benefit. See our user feedback.

Q. Why do your online games have fewer features than your download games?

A. Flash online games are restricted in what you can do. For instance, printing and saving is quite difficult to achieve as there are many issues involving security of your computer when surfing the web. By default your computer will generally restrict access to printing and saving features. Some big companies are able to get round some of these restrictions by purchasing very expensive certificates and security protocols etc.

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free educational software DVD

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